Happy New Year
Jan. 2, 2017
Who We Are

Happy Holidays + Happy New Year!

This is our first newsletter, so our apologies for taking so long. We've been quite busy over the last year and continue to grow as 2017 is officially here. As the local Arizona coffee culture continues to grow, we do as well -- obtaining new local shops as partners (building them new sites, photography, SEO, social media marketing + more) and we're looking to start 2017 as a small effort to help even more around our wonderful state.

If you haven't had the opportunity to go on one of our coffee crawls, we're looking forward to meeting new people this year in addition to checking out some of the best around our state. We create coffee crawl maps via Google so that anyone who wants to join can see exactly where we'll be and what time. With that said, we're looking forward to scheduling this within a month or so -- so stay tuned for the next newsletter or an update via our social media channels (Facebook and/or Instagram).

At any rate, thank you for subscribing and if you love coffee as much as we do and want to help us out -- here's a few things you can do: 1) If you know of local shops in Arizona that are struggling or in need of being rebranded (marketing, social media, logo design, web design, SEO services, photography), refer them to us. If we're able to sign a deal with them, we'll give you $100 (just for spreading our name and simply referring us -- that's effortless). We also work for non-coffee related businesses too. If you would like to pass our cards to your local shop, let us know and we'll send you some. Think of it as a 1912 Coffee Affiliate Program. 2) Tell anyone you know about 1912 Coffee, spread the news via your social media outlets. 3) For those that suffer with lactose intolerance, tell your local baristas to ask ownership to start using and offering Lactaid Whole Milk (this is a great product to use for those that don't like soy or almond milk).

Here are a few local coffee shops set to open later this year:

Beneficial Beans (located inside the Burton Barr Phoenix Library -- May)
Driftwood Coffee (location in Old Town Peoria)

We're looking forward to spreading joy and meeting new faces this year.

Stay caffeinated, my friends.

1912 C O F F E E

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