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A listing of what is offered here at Cortez Coffee Bar || 1912 Coffee

Hot or Iced Coffee || Tea Beverages

Here's our list of hot or iced coffee and/or tea beverages:

Hot Coffee Beverages

Here is our listing of coffee beverages we make + offer:

Iced Coffee Beverages

We offer iced coffee beverages (cold brew, latte, vanilla latte, mocha)

Maya Chai

We offer Maya Chai (Tucson, Arizona) hot or iced + mild, spicy or both.


Maya Chai Tea


We're proud to offer one of the best chai teas in the country - Maya Chai, based and created in Tucson, Arizona. Come to the Cortez Coffee Bar/1912 Coffee to try one hot or iced for yourself.

Nitro Cold Brew


Nitrogen-based cold coffee brew, which has a great mouthfeel, smooth as silk and creamy as caramel. Trust us, you'll love it.



Hot water with a double-shot of espresso, but not filled to the top of a mug or cup as the hot water will dilute the espresso.

Maya Tea


We offer a variety of Maya Tea (black, green, white + herbal)



We offer a traditional cappuccino. Double-shot of espresso, half whole milk (steamed).



Whole milk steamed, double-shot of espresso or whole milk with double-shot over ice.



We offer a double-shot of espresso here at Cortez Coffee Bar/1912 Coffee. Finely ground beans are tamped into a portafilter, placed into the espresso machine and shots are timed (typically a really good shot is between 22-28 seconds).

Turkish Coffee


A highly caffeinated and unfiltered coffee. The coffee beans are roasted, ground fine and simmered in a small pot or in this case a "cezve." If we said this coffee isn't STRONG, we'd be lying.

Pour Over Coffee


Freshly roasted beans wile using the Hario V60 to create your in-house cup of coffee (there's a process to the madness).