Our Services

Let's make this simple: We want to help local coffee shops succeed.

We'll do it by building brand new websites that literally connect EVERYTHING they do.

A website can't be built and made useful overnight. More importantly, it takes months to grow it, but once it's constantly viewed and has steady growth, photographs, content, events, etc, there's no telling how impressive it can be. That's where we come in. We will build your website, snap your photographs, create events, update your social media outlets all at an AFFORDABLE monthly rate.

Here's what we'll also include in your brand new site:

Social Media -- we will simply add events we create to your social media outlets for you

Photography -- we will take all professional photographs of your shop, all coffee and/or tea beverages, decor, design, baristas, atmosphere and more

In addition to our MAIN service above, we offer the following services:

  • Videography (purchase a monthly or quarterly video -- our own videographer will visit you in person, interview the owner(s) and create a highly produced video of you, your staff and your coffee house)
  • Barista Training (we'll send out a team of our highly qualified baristas to train your entire staff)
  • Booking Local Music (acoustic and/or electric)
  • Booking Events (cupping, charity, etc)
  • Product Formulation (coffee drinks, nitro, baking)
  • Referrals for supplies, equipment + maintenance

At 1912 Coffee, all of the services we offer and provide come at the sole use of our own staff.

We offer this disclaimer for the protection of 1912 Coffee rights, our overall services and any liability those may cause against us (verbally or written) for any action that is deemed false.

1912 Coffee is a limited liability corporation, based in Tempe, Arizona and offers services and products across the entire state of Arizona.

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