coffee, tea, pastries

From Driftwood Coffee: "We love everything coffee, the unique brewing methods, different tastes, relaxing or working hard in our favorite coffee shops, but most importantly, the way that coffee brings us together. This is why we want to start Driftwood and we believe there is a unique opportunity to do this in Old Town Peoria. Our desire is to bring the craft style coffee that so many of you enjoy downtown to the west-side. Peoria is our home, it's our roots and yours too! How awesome would it be to have a place on the west side that we can all be proud of and call our own, a place we can all use to create and dream? The void for quality craft coffee is real in Peoria and we want to help fill that. Downtown Peoria is an old community with good architecture and is just waiting for someone to do something different."

Lance or Luke (Facebook Messenger for now)