June 10, 2016

Every idea, concept and design starts with a dream -- a dream that inspires all of us to want something bigger and brighter. It's rather obvious that co-owners/husband and wife duo Julia Peixoto Peters and her husband Jeff, put hours of thought, imagination and passion into creating a warm, inviting and unique space. Quite honestly, as a small independent coffee shop, you can never go wrong with a long espresso bar, exposed brick, wood tables, wooden and metal stools, a window bar, Edison lights, a roaster located right in your space, highly educated and dedicated baristas, ample parking and high-quality coffee beans.  More importantly, beans that are actually from your family farm.  Well, they have it.  In the coffee industry, it is what is known as "crop-to-cup" -- from a coffee farm directly to the source or coffee shop.  Peixoto Coffee gets their beans shipped from Brazil to Chandler, Arizona.  If that isn't a story to tell, we don't know what is.

Julia Peixoto is a strong, independent and passionate human being -- you can tell instantaneously just by walking through the door and taking a 360-degree tour around the shop.  Everything is in its right place, not to quote Radiohead or anything, but we thought this was appropriate here.  It is sort of like playing a game of Tetris -- as you walk in, you are immediately introduced (not literally) to the back of the three-group La Marzocco Linea, two grinders (one for their espresso drinks, one for decaf).  To your right is a display of their single-origin coffees (all roasted in-house) and a few bags from their coffee farm in Brazil on the wooden shelf.  All of the pieces to the puzzle fit in a perfect manner.  They mean business.  Coffee business.  

Photograph courtesy of Phoenix New Times writer Cal Faber (Julia Peixoto pictured)

Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Warren Carroll (a variety of single-origin coffees roasted in-house at Peixoto)

We believe their quality and consistency comes directly from the heart.   It's not everyday you can visit a local coffee shop and feel right at home, but most of their clientele and new customers are always greeted courteously.  The staff doesn't treat being a barista as just a job -- they treat it as a career.  To some, you might think that being a barista isn't exactly a career or a major destination for life.  However, we're here to tell you that isn't true at all.  When millions of passionate, career-oriented baristas are asked, "so, other than being a barista, what do you do for a living?"  The response is always, "I'm a barista.  This is my passion.  I love coffee. This is what I do.  This is my career."  We believe if you asked a barista at Peixoto this very question, they would answer it in a similar fashion.  They're trained, educated and detail-oriented and seem eager to learn more everyday.   

Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Warren Carroll

Julia is a big reason why Peixoto is successful today.  Perhaps her humbleness, smile and eagerness to be community-oriented is one of many reasons her establishment is one of the best in the state of Arizona. It certainly takes a group of customer-based baristas to make a small business a success story. However, it takes a true leader to inspire them and Julia has the tools to do just that...again and again.  She is a small business owner, a mother, a wife and truly cares about family, commitment and loyalty.  She is an array of sunshine that produces a ray of light that shines through the east windows every morning and helps to breathe life into her customers each and everyday.  It takes a special individual to showcase the ability to connect with people, to truly care about community, to have the desire to start a business from scratch, maintain and grow it at the same time.  It's not everyday you can find someone that has fire in their belly -- but she does.

Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Warren Carroll (long espresso bar, wood/metal stools, pour over station, etc)

Peixoto is much more than a local coffee shop.  It represents one of many things:  supports local businesses, partners with small businesses and generates constant traffic by utilizing social media efficiently and effectively.  By uniting with local companies around the Phoenix Metro Area, they do a wonderful job at creating a wide-spread community by not only creating new leads, more exposure and awareness, but also informing their clientele about other local businesses they respect and admire.  They are constantly creating events (pour-over classes, brunch pop-ups, Belgian waffle Sundays, etc) and always updating their social media outlets (which is key because let's face it, social media is like telling a new story everyday) because this is key in running a small business in this day and age -- without a social media presence, it becomes a difficult task to relate to the public and especially customers.

Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Warren Carroll (Peixoto Yellow Catucai whole beans pictured in grinder)

We have had the pleasure of visiting Peixoto numerous times.  Every visit has always been the same -- a positive experience.  We have tasted their single-origin pour-over coffees, nitro cold brew, espresso, latte, cascara and cappuccino -- each beverage has been solid with consistency every time we have consumed one.  We were present there earlier this afternoon and ordered a cappuccino -- bright with a hint of hazelnut, fairly nutty and quite enjoyable. The beans they used today for their espresso drinks consisted of the "Peixoto Yellow Catucai" (sweet, milk chocolate, hazelnut), which was chosen as a cup of excellence finalist for the Brazil Naturals of 2016.  

Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Warren Carroll (cappuccino)

Photograph courtesy of Jonathan Warren Carroll (delicious and refreshing cascara tea -- half full or half empty)

Earlier today while writing a draft for this piece, we spoke with Peixoto barista, Emily Wilson (Emily Wilson Photography), for just a few minutes about her transition from being a loyal customer to becoming a barista.  It was rather fascinating to learn that she, like many of us, did not know too much about coffee in general, but she slowly became addicted to learning more and eventually wanted to transition into making espresso drinks and other beverages for customers.  She also mentioned that the atmosphere and sunlight that comes through in the morning makes for great photography (she's a photographer herself) and at times, decides to come in early to snap a few shots.   We couldn't agree more with her.  

Peixoto represents what many coffee houses dream of becoming -- pairing community with coffee and pastries and affiliating yourself with other small businesses that posses a similar craft and drive for their clientele and overall growth.  If you haven't experienced Peixoto, we highly recommend you do.  If you happen to spot Julia -- just tell her 1912 Coffee sent you - she will appreciate it.

Peixoto Coffee Roasters

Local crop-to-cup coffee house and roaster located in downtown Chandler, Arizona.